Iran will back Palestinian armed groups as much as it can

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Iran will support Palestinian armed groups as much as it can, Iran’s Supreme Leader said on Wednesday, urging Palestinians to confront a US plan for Israeli-Palestinian peace, Reuters reports.

“We believe that Palestinian armed organisations will stand and continue resistance and the Islamic Republic sees supporting Palestinian groups as its duty,” Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said in a speech, the written text of which appeared on his website.

“So it will support them however it can and as much as it can and this support is the desire of the Islamic system and the Iranian nation.”

US President Donald Trump announced a US plan last month which will set up a Palestinian state with strict conditions but allow Israel to dominate long-contested Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank.

Palestinian leaders have rejected it as biased toward Israel.

Trump’s plan is to the detriment of America and Palestinians should confront the offer by forcing Israelis and Americans out through jihad, Khamenei said, according to his official internet site.

Tensions have spiked between Iran and the United States after top Iranian military commander Qassem Soleimani was killed in a US drone strike in Baghdad on Jan. 3, prompting the Islamic Republic to retaliate with a missile attack against a US base in Iraq days later.

Khamenei jabbed at Arab leaders that have supported the Trump plan.

“The welcoming and clapping from a few traitorous Arab leaders who are worthless and dishonourable among their own people has no importance,” Khamenei said, based on his official website.

Separately, Khamenei required a high turnout in parliamentary elections on Feb. 21, broadly seen as a gauge of support for authorities after all-out war with the United States almost broke out last month.

“It’s possible that someone doesn’t like me but if they like Iran they must come to the ballot box,” Khamenei said, according to his official internet site, noting that the elections could help solve Iran’s international problems.

Last week, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani lashed out at hardliners within the mass disqualification of candidates for the election.

Iran’s economy has been battered after Trump pulled out of a multilateral nuclear deal with the Islamic Republic in 2018 and reimposed sanctions in a bid to bring Iran to the negotiating dining table for curbs on its ballistic missile program also to cut its support for regional proxy ip addresses.

America’s try to pressure Iran to negotiate through sanctions will perhaps not work, Rouhani said in a speech broadcast go on state TELEVISION on Wednesday.

“They thought we would request negotiations from America. Negotiations by their definition, not our definition,” Rouhani said. “They want us to surrender through cruel, unequal and undignified negotiations. This is impossible for the Iranian people.”

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