Earlier this month, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi signaled Tehran’s readiness to continue its oil shipments to Venezuela if Caracas needs more such deliveries.

Major General Hossein Salami, the chief commander of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) has praised the Islamic Republic’s resolve to send fuel tankers to Venezuela in the face of US threats to take action against Tehran and Caracas.

“We showcased our might, and our biggest display of power was the imposition of our will [on the enemies] and the sailing of [oil tankers] through high seas from the Persian Gulf towards Venezuela”, Salami told reporters on Wednesday.

He also argued that currently, Iran is “witnessing the rapid decline of our big enemies, particularly the US”.

The remarks come after Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi indicated Tehran’s willingness to go ahead with its oil shipments to Venezuela if “Caracas demands more [such] supplies from Iran”, which Mousavi added is practicing “its free trade rights with Venezuela”.

Mousavi spoke after the five Iranian tankers, the Clavel, the Faxon, the Fortune, the Forest, and the Petunia, in May delivered more than a million barrels of oil to Venezuela, hit by a serious fuel shortage caused by US sanctions.

The statement followed The Wall Street Journal citing unnamed US officials as saying last month that the Trump administration is considering new sanctions and “other legal steps to disrupt Iranian oil exports to Venezuela”, in response to what Washington sees as Tehran’s attempts “to make inroads into Latin America”.

Source » sputniknews