Political prisoners facing slow death in Iranian jails

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The Iranian regime does not only give its opponents a hard time on the streets; it is also killing them inside Iran’s jails.

This is especially true with the covid-19 outbreak everywhere in the Islamic Republic, including in its jails.

Iran has already released over 70,000 inmates who were in jail for committing criminal offenses. However, it kept the political detainees in the jails.

This means that these political detainees will face slow death in the different Iranian jails.

Over 70% of prisoners in Urmia Prison contracted the covid-19 in the past few days, according to a report by the Iranian opposition in the West Azerbaijan Province.

It said some of the prisoners in the jail also died from the disease. The report noted that the prison administration had taken no measures whatsoever to protect the prisoners against the covid-19 disease.

A large number of the prisoners in the jail had staged a hunger strike in protest against a colleague of theirs from the covid-19 disease, the report said.

According to the report, some of the prisoners in the jail were tested for the covid-19 disease after their conditions got worse.

The prisoners tested positive for the disease, the report said.

It added that most of the other prisoners started demonstrating covid-19 symptoms.

The same is happening in other Iranian jails, especially where Ahwazi citizens are imprisoned.

Source » theportal-center

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