Satellite images published Monday evening indicate that Iran is preparing to launch a missile in space, the private security firm Intel-lab reported on its Twitter page.

The images in question appear to show that Iran is preparing to launch a large missile that requires external support and fueling at the country’s Imam Khomenei aerospace base in the Sinman Mountains in central Iran.

The absence thus far of any announcement in Iranian media about plans to launch a missile, as well as Iranian reports about an IRGC aerospace officer, Mohammad Abdous, who was killed at the site, could indicate that the launch was foiled by a fatal accident or sabotage.

Abdous’s death was reported to have occurred a few hundred kilometers from the city of Khomein, but no information about the circumstances was provided. Abdous was hailed as a shahid [martyr] in the Iranian media, and his picture was disseminated alongside the IRGC symbol.

Meanwhile, Iran International reported Monday that Abdous and another IRGC aerospace engineer, Ali Kamani, had not been killed in accidents, but did not provide further details.

According to Iran International, both Kamani and Abdous were involved in developing weapons for use by Iranian satellite Hezbollah.

Source » israelhayom