U.S. preparing toughest sanctions regime against Iran

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Washington continues to tighten the noose around Tehran for the third year in a row.

Republican Congressmen prepare to pass the largest package of sanctions on Iran. The sanctions aim at squeezing Iran’s coffers dry of any funds.

The Republicans also target Russia and China with the same sanctions. Nevertheless, the effects of the sanctions will be far stronger on Iran.

The sanctions aim at suspending economic cooperation between Tehran, on one hand, and Baghdad and Beirut, on the other. They will halt U.S. military support to Lebanon, especially with the control Hezbollah imposes on the government. The Republican Congressmen also accuse Hezbollah of using the Lebanese government in serving the interests of Iran.

The sanctions primarily aim at depriving Iranian Supreme Guide Ali Khamenei of billions of dollars in revenues that used to come to him through multiple sources. They will constrict companies working in the fields of petrochemicals, car manufacturing and financial services.

On June 8, the U.S. announced a fresh package of sanctions that targeted two Iranian companies working in the field of maritime transport. It said the two companies were involved in the transfer of materials for Iran’s ballistic missile program.

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warned companies against carrying out transactions with the two Iranian companies.

He said those dealing with the two companies participates in the Iranian ballistic missile program and in the Islamic State’s nuclear program.

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