On Wednesday June 14, 2017. A group of Tehran University PhD students staged a gathering outside the Ministry of Education protesting difficult conditions placed on special PhD loans, being denied their rights and proper living conditions and deprived of monthly financial support.

The students said the law indicates PhD students have the right to monthly financial support. Yet they are not only deprived of any such support, the conditions involved in receiving any loans have become much more difficult in comparison to previous years and the students cannot even receive these loans.

This rally began at 11 am local time and the protesting students demanded regime officials respond to their demands. To this day no response has been received from the Education Ministry.

The students raised placards written, “PhD student devotes life to science, but is concerned about living conditions,” “Being a PhD student is considered a job everywhere and they receive financial support,” “We will remain in Iran only if you provide minimum living conditions.”

Source » ncr-iran