The Iranian regime is under immense pressure on several fronts – the domestic front, the international front and on the economic front. It is helpless as to how to remedy the situation because it is running out of options, but it always resorts back to cracking down further on the people of Iran.

Recent reports form inside the country suggest that the security forces have been targeting women, especially by tightening and enforcing regulations regarding the compulsory veiling.

Since the 1979 Islamic Revolution, women have been subjected to very strict dress codes. They have to wear loose-fitting clothes and the hijab is compulsory.

Ayyoub Soleimani, the commander of the country’s State Security Force, reiterated the regime’s regulations, saying that any woman who removes her veil in public is committing a crime and will be treated accordingly.

He went on to explain that the responsibility lies with society as a whole. He said that just like a driver is ultimately responsible for their passengers wearing a seatbelt, the same appliers to taxi drivers who must ensure that any female passengers are properly veiled. Speaking to a reporter, Solaimani said: “The legal responsibility of any car is with the owner. Just like the passenger’s failure to fasten the seat belt, for which the car owner must account before the law, drivers must note and be committed to their legal responsibility. They must not allow their passengers to break the law by removing their veil. All agencies must emphasize on their rules for observing the veil and Islamic principles.”

Only a few days ago, a woman in Iran recounted her recent experience on social media. A taxi driver ordered her to get out of the vehicle because she was not properly veiled. She was ordered to get out of the taxi in a place where she was unable to find another means of transport and was effectively stranded.

The women of Iran are rising up against the Iranian regime and have held protests and demonstrations to make their voice heard. Activists from all over the word have been speaking out about the issue and raising their concerns about the treatment of women in the country.

Over the years, many people have been arrested and punished for not adhering to what the clerical regime deems appropriate. Last year, the country’s police force issued an official statement saying that females that protested against the veiling regulations would be charged with “inciting corruption and prostitution”.

People have been lashed, imprisoned and fined for what the regime sees as a crime.

Source » irannewsupdate