A prominent Iranian hardline theorist criticized the government and told officials during a speech that the regime would fall as a result of the regime’s domestic policies and not the United States’ maximum pressure campaign.

“A revolution cannot be preserved like this. You cannot keep the people (on the regime’s side) like this. If you cut your ties with the people, especially the middle to lower class and specifically the impoverished, or if you don’t understand them and they don’t understand you, you should be afraid of yourselves and not the US,” Rahimpour Azghadi, a veteran member of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution said.

The Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution is the highest body for making policies and decisions in connection with cultural, educational and research activities within the framework of the general policies of the regime. Its decisions can only be overruled by Iran’s Supreme Leader.

Azghadi attacked the government and said that the government made empty promises.

“They only give promises and create false hope and when they see that the conditions are hard, they give up and turn into the opposition,” he said.

The senior regime theorist also ridiculed the regime’s administrative functions and said that it was confusing the enemy with its actions.

“(The government) ratifies something and then takes actions contrary to the decision. They want to take action and take three different kinds of actions. All of this confuses the enemy and thank god this is a positive aspect of the confusion in some of our institutions,” he joked to a laughing crowd.

He also targeted dissident media and said that they “depicted a protest against high prices as anti-government protests” with the aim of “regime change”.

Source » irannewswire