Salah al-Hamwi member of the political committee of the Syrian National Coalition, who had spent a quarter of a century in prison of Assad’s regime, in an interview with Freedom Broadcasting (IRANNTV), which was broadcasted on Thursday, June 15, 2017, called the Iranian regime an occupying force in Syria, and called for standing up assertively against the regime’s tugs in Syria.

Pointing to Iranian regime’s expansionist plans and meddling in Syrias’ issues, he stated: “Using such dirty tricks such as forming Shia militiamen in order to complete expansionist plans in Syria….It must be confronted by world powers and the UN security council… They are aggressors and occupying forces, Syria is our land and no matter how long will it take, they will be gone”.

Salah al-Hamwi added: “To the heroes who are protecting our homeland, I am saying, we have to deal with Iranian elements in all aspects as a whole, in all political, commercial and military aspects, we have to prepare ourselves in all fronts …We have to confront them in every front and block their path…., and we have to face them with a defeat in breaking the resistance of Syrian people, Arabic and Islamic lands”.

This member of the Syrian National Coalition in an interview with IRANNTV, said: “We need to be alert regarding the risks and the obstacles on our way, we should deal with them using every option”.

Source » ncr-iran