The authorities and the media affiliated with the Iran regime utter contradictory remarks concerning the U.S. sanctions as well as the outcomes of The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).
On June 16, Khamenei’s representative, Hossein Shariatmadari in the state-run Kayhan Newspaper Office stated, “JCPOA was a hustle for the Iran regime. They took concession from us and instead they promised us jam tomorrow.”

The theoretician of torture, Javad Larijani on June 16 added, “the government must, therefore, comfort the Europeans at first. If any members of P5+1 and especially the U.S. fail to fulfill the promises, the Islamic Republic of Iran will not also abide by any paragraphs of JCPOA. The Iran regime will develop its own strategy regardless of the deal and the NPT supervisions. This is the right time to boldly declare the rule of “all or nothing” to our friends. The U.S and the Europeans must understand this rule and they have to realize that our country will definitely cope with the current situation. Therefore, our country will restore its nuclear power with minimal restrictions and not only will the sanctions fail but they will become as an advantage for us to flourish the booming economy and to secure the livelihood.”

Khamenei’s representative in Ardebil Province resorted to the members of P5+1 and stated, “The members of P5+1 shall not neglect the avarice of the U.S. and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs should also inquire about this case.”

Meanwhile, Rouhani’s government also made some remarks, “the Spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs claims that the continuation of the sanctions manifests the implacable hostility of the U.S. government against the Islamic Republic of Iran. He also stated that the U.S. government shall abide by the international regulations and according to its domestic rules; the U.S. shall not shirk the responsibilities. Bahram Ghasemi stipulated that Iran is closely monitoring the enactment of this plan in the U.S. administration. The Board that monitors the implementation of JCPOA boldly adopts the appropriate countermeasures. (The regime TV channel- June 16 2017).”

Worth relating is the fact that there are some contradictory remarks in press affiliated with Rouhani:

The state-run Arman Newspaper published an article on June 17, 2017, entitled “JCPOA and new sanctions”. The news reads, “Perhaps, the opinion suggests that Iran may appeal against the sanctions in the Commission that resolves the disputes over JCPOA. This commission is concerned with the violations of the contents in the JCPOA. If any parties violate the plan, the other party can make an appeal to this Commission. Therefore, as the sanctions did not violate the JCPOA, none of the authorities demanded any recourse to the conflict resolution council.”

Additionally, the state-run Sanat Newspaper on June 17, 2017, writes in this matter, “Quietness is the best response to the Americans. The theoreticians of the White House have reached to the conclusion that they can strict the Iran regime in other aspects instead of rescinding the deal. Consequently, the Iran regime will apt to take radical measures and in that case, JCPOA could be terminated.”

Source » ncr-iran