Speaking in an interview with Fars News Agency, the Commander of Iran’s Army Navy Force pointed to the latest situation of Iran’s maritime borders and stated that since Iran’s Army Navy Force has a permanent presence in the depths of the sea, it has been able to ensure security at a faraway distance in the best form possible.

Rear Admiral Irani said that not only the enemy has not achieved its malicious goals in this respect, but also it has withdrawn from its position in such a way that today, it has no serious presence in the region.

He termed the cooperation of countries in the region as the main pillar for strengthening the security of the region and added that the enemy has focused on undermining maritime security but their sinister goal was foiled thanks to the zealous and competent forces of Iran’s Army Navy.

Emphasizing that the region does not need the presence of any foreign forces to ensure the security of the region, Army Navy Commander stated that all regional countries are required to join their hands together and deepen their unity and amity in line with ensuring security at the region.

Ensuring maritime security in Persian Gulf waters is heavily dependent on the cooperation and collaboration of regional countries, he restated.

Source » mehrnews