Forced migration and demographic change policies that are being implemented by Assad’s regime, its paratroops and collaborators, is threatening national identity and social structure of Syria. The bureau of Legal studies of Syria from the Syrian National Coalition announced the above news.

The organization stated in a statement on June 16, 2017, Assad’s regime strategy has opened the path to the clerical regime’s projects, to organize and attract Shiites, by abusing of their religious sentiments, to distract the conflict in Syria of the revolution against the tyranny, to conflict between Sunnis and Shiites, and uses the Shiites as fuel to bring its destabilizing, expansion projects and its influence to the region.

The statement continued, forced migration policy is common point between Assad and the Iranian regime, although each have their own goals and motivations. Assad wants to destroy the core of Syrian revolution, complete Syrian control, and Iran is trying to change the demographic composition to consolidate its presence and influence on the ground. Iran is trying to do this by armed force, such as Qusayr and Western Qalamoun and some suburbs of Damascus or advances by soft methods, such purchasing estate projects and investment or to create religious and social ties.

Source » ncr-iran