Saudi Arabia said on Monday that it had captured three Iranian Revolutionary Guards aboard an explosives-laden boat going toward an oil platform in the Arabian Gulf.

The International Communication Center of the Saudi Ministry of Culture and Information issued a statement on Monday saying: “An official source stated that the Saudi Royal Navy arrested three members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards who were on board a boat loaded with explosives heading toward an oil platform in the field of Marjan in the Arabian Gulf.”

In another statement, the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) said: “At 20:28 on Friday, June 21, three small boats, bearing red and white flags, entered Saudi territorial waters in the Arabian Gulf. They headed rapidly toward platforms in the Saudi oil field of Marjan.

Immediately, the Saudi naval forces fired warning shots, but the boats did not respond. Consequently, one of the boats was captured and it was loaded with weapons for subversive purposes, but the other two boats escaped. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia stresses its determination to combat and eradicate terrorism and its sources, as a part of the country’s permanent objective to protect its national security against any external aggression.”

The ministry stated: “The Saudi authorities are currently questioning members of the three Iranian Revolutionary Guards who were arrested.”

Source » arabnews