All the evidence show that the Iranian government is fearing the situation badly, despite their claims to having everything under control, but the international situation is against this regime, and in the Middle East people of countries like Lebanon and Iraq who are suffering many years from the regime’s terror acts and meddling are chanting and protesting it.

And more important it is fearing the unstable and critical situation in the country, facing angry people which this time having nothing more to lose and are becoming ready to face the regime.

The regime’s factions in fear of facing the people’s revenge are making each other responsible for the bloody events of the November 2019 gasoline price hike protests.

Mohsen Mehralizadeh presidential candidate on June 12 said: “Mr. Raisi, you were present, it is true that you were in the judiciary, but in the end, you are one of the leaders of the three branches, unless a decision was made on the issue of gasoline, the wrong decision was made and then it was implemented.”

Sayyid Amir-Hossein Ghazizadeh Hashemi presidential candidate said: “It is not clear who is responsible for the high price of gasoline. We have created structures and headquarters, and all are hiding themselves behind it.”

Ebrahim Raisi: “I had to make a point because they said it was up to the government to decide on the gasoline issue. To know who is responsible and guilty in this case? In my opinion, there is a report of the secretary of the supreme national security council, as well as a report of high-ranking judicial officials, which was examined in the presence of all members, and ultimately the first respondent should be Mr. Rouhani.”

The next morning, Rouhani’s government rushed and in a statement about the November events, blamed Raisi and the supreme leader Ali Khamenei and wrote:

“Issues related to the reform of gasoline prices, as it was considered a major national and sovereign decision, were discussed in several meetings of the heads of branches, and after a consensus was reached on all its aspects and dimensions, the resolution was signed by the heads of the three branches, and it was sent to the Supreme Leader.”

Habibollah Golmohammadi, a regime expert, expressed his fear about those who are chanting for the overthrow of the regime which is becoming the main request of the people, and said:

“You see, they are looking to create insecurity and panic, and they want to confuse the nation by inducing issues in their media. In any society where terror prevails, there is insecurity. In the opinion of the nation, they should not allow dissidents and foreign and dissident media to misuse the Iranian nation. They should decide that their situation is clear, and they cannot achieve anything.

“They are working against the Islamic Republic of Iran now or at any time, it is not focused on this moment. They will not give up because they seek to overthrow the Islamic Republic.” (State TV Jam-e-Jam, June 15, 2021)

Hossein Raghfar, a state-affiliated economist, warned the regime and said:

“The candidates did not present a clear plan in their debates about the depreciation of the dollar or did not address it at all. Candidates appear to have based their economic program on the current dollar price. If we look at the third debate, we conclude that the candidates, all of them, said that they have no problem with the price of the dollar and that whoever is the next head of government can solve this problem.”

“The unspoken assumption that was hidden in the speeches of all the candidates and no one realized it was that all the election promises of the candidates were set on the basis of at least 25,000 Tomans for each dollar. With this basic assumption, the country’s economy will continue to decline.

“If this happens, the next government will have to wait for the economic problems, protests, and unrest and escalation with the society in January or February (2022).” (Internet outlet Faraz, June 15, 2021)

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