The United Arab Emirates presented evidence on Tuesday that the Iranian Regime is supporting the Houthi militia in Yemen, where the UAE is part of the Arab Coalition fighting against the militia to restore the Yemeni government.

The UAE Armed Forces and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MoFAIC) presented a vast range of military weapons and equipment uncovered by the Arab Coalition during operations in Yemen on behalf of the legitimate Yemeni government, according to a statement from the Emirati news agency WAM.

The statement read: “Weaponry seized by the Arab Coalition include the Ababil Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV), anti-tank missiles, rockets, drones, scud missile fuel tanks, and improvised landmines, the representative explained, adding that the use of the Persian language on seized weapons and components, as well as systems consistent with documented weapons used by Iran’s proxies in Iraq, Syria and other countries, prove beyond any doubt Iran’s involvement in smuggling weaponry to the Houthis.”

This means that there is an incredible amount of physical evidence that the Iranian Regime is supporting the Houthi militias in Yemen and this evidence has been verified by the relevant UN organizations and agencies.

A MoFAIC representative said that Iran is violating UN resolutions by arming the Houthis with weapons and added that the Arab Coalition has dismantled over 30,000 landmines since the beginning of operations in Yemen.

The UAE said that the Arab Coalition has followed all international procedures about the seizure, transfer and storage of confiscated weapons and equipment.

A statement from them read: “Numerous international experts, including those from the United Nations and the United States, had confirmed that the captured weapons could only have come from Iran. This finding has been re-affirmed by relevant institutes and independent bodies.”

It should be clear from these latest statements that Iran poses a continued threat to the safety and stability of the Middle East as a whole. Iran’s regional aggression is a key element of their constitution and the mullahs will always seek to destabilise foreign powers in order to take more control. This is what they call spreading their revolution abroad.

No one should be under any false impressions here. The Iranian Regime will not end their malign interference based on diplomacy or sanctions. The only way to ensure peace in the Middle East, is to evict the mullahs from the region as a whole and the only way to do that is through regime change.

The National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) will hold a Free Iran gathering on June 30 in Paris to discuss regime change.

Source » ncr-iran