The incident has opened a new front for Pakistan as downing of an Iranian spy drone by PAF JF17 is first of its kind in the history of two Islamic neighbours, which share a 900 kilometre long porous border.

Wajahat Khan, a multimedia journalist and a national security expert, confirmed the news, tweeting: “Confirmed: Iranian spy drone shot down by PAF JF17 over Panjgur, Balochistan 45km inside Pak territory. Unprecedented. New front opening?”

The tensions between Pakistan and Iran escalated after Islamabad accused Tehran of violating its territorial integrity several times in the last few years.

Iranian border security forces fired mortar shells near Prom area of Panjgur District in Balochistan early Sunday morning in which no loss of life or damage was reported in the incident.

Pakistan officials lodged a strong protest with the Iranian border officials and a flag-meeting has been called on Tuesday to resolve the matter as this is the third such violation in recent weeks.

The drone’s downing was reported amid an emergency flag meeting between Pakistani and Iranian officials following the unprovoked firing of several mortar shells into Pakistani territory, the Daily Pakistan reported.

Source » newkerala