Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo joined “Sunday Night in America with Trey Gowdy” to discuss the Biden administration’s continued negotiations with Iran and what he knows about the COVID lab-leak theory.

MIKE POMPEO: We left a lot of leverage for this administration, a couple thousand sanctions on the Iranian leaders and the economy. We built out a coalition of Gulf states and our friend and ally Israel, all work to keep containment on Iran to prevent them from having the money, the resources, all of the things we saw. You remember when they flew pallets of cash to Iran a few years back. This administration was given an enormous amount of leverage to put pressure on the Iranians. You talked about the enrichment you can see they are firmly committed to putting pressure back on the United States so they will get more concessions at the table. Just this week they elected a fellow named Ebrahim Raisi as their new leader. He’s got the blood of thousands of people on his hands. This is not someone we ought to be talking to. It’s not a regime we should be engaged with. We ought to have the maximum pressure campaign to force this regime to change its behavior.

It’s going to be difficult because the Chinese Communist Party doesn’t want us to know what happened. They began to cover up at least by early January of 2020 for sure. Someday there’ll be some brave Chinese person sneak out with the documents, with the paperwork, with the logbook from the lab. Whatever it takes for us to know. I for myself have seen enough, the most likely case is it came from this laboratory, then the Chinese Communist Party covered it up. They were conducting bioweapons research there, this is really dangerous stuff. As far as I know, that lab is still operating, and so we should, Trey, it’s your second question, we should use every tool available, and we have many.

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