Children with autism are harmed and annoyed at its center in Mashhad, a news outbreak that hurt public opinion.

After disclosure of the torture of children patients suffering autism in Northeastern city of Mashhad, the deputy director of the rehabilitation department of the Iranian welfare organization, blamed the ministry of health, while the adviser to the health minister also stated: the center had only the principled consent for operation, which did not mean a license for the institute.

Last week, News reports about grievances of a number of families of children with autism were surfaced about torture and harassment by children rehabilitation center in Mashhad. According to the revealed news, there are indications of bone fractures, throat bleeding, and signs of beatings on three children who have been brutally harassed at this center.

In this case, the question arises as to whether, according to the deputy director of rehabilitation affairs of the regime’s welfare organization, the Ministry of Health has been neglected to carry out its supervisory duties or that families of autistic children should have paid attention to center’s operating permission, when giving their children, in addition to the principled consent to the center?

Source » ncr-iran