Mohammad Salas (bus driver) buried without family permission

Yavar Mohammad Salas, 51, who was executed on Monday, was buried without family permission in Darolsalam Cemetery of Boroujerd, west of Iran, in the presence of “200 anti-riot agents,” Ms. Zaynab Taheri the lawyer of Mohammad Salas, has observed on her Twitter page.
“Cemetery officials in Karaj, where Salas was hanged, said security officials from Tehran confiscated Salas’ corpse without any authorization, transferred it to Borujerd (his home town in western Iran) and delivered it to his brother. Mohammad Salas’ family preferred him to be buried in Tehran.
Forensics should have conducted an autopsy to evaluate any signs of torture on his body and file a report.
It must be clarified Salas was tortured or not. Unfortunately, despite an official request placed by the Salas family for his body to be sent to the forensics, security forces buried his body without the family’s permission.
If he wasn’t tortured, what are the authorities hiding? The authorities buried Salas’ body after his brother refused to receive it, his family never provided any burial authorization and no autopsy was conducted.
More than 200 anti-riot unit members were present at the burial,” Salas’s lawyer tweeted.
Son of the sufi bus driver Mohammad Salas, in a video clip published on the same day on social media said his father had been buried by the state security forces without the family’s permission.
“They were supposed to do this (execute him) Wednesday, June 20. The same night they executed our father. Then they called us and said he had been buried somewhere. My father was tortured. His head was covered with stitches. When he was brought to court they had put makeup on him like actors to hide the stitches,” Said Ali Salas.
Ms. Zaynab Taheri was arrested one day after the swift execution of her client. She had said that “based on the duty placed on her shoulders by Salas, she will be providing documents to the media proving his innocence.”

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