Iran is threatening a possible assassination attempt on former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, with high-profile Twitter accounts posting inflammatory messages against him.

Pompeo, now a Fox News contributor, has been highly critical of Iran both while serving in the Trump administration and after. He was in office when U.S. forces killed Iranian military leader Qassem Soleimani, whose daughter is now threatening the former secretary of state.

“[P]ompeo whines about Iran on Saudi TV. Home of 9/11 plotters,” Zainab Soleimani tweeted Friday, adding, “Live in fear liar.” The tweet included an image depicting Pompeo in a cage.

Soleimani’s message was repeated in Arabic two days later by a Twitter account affiliated with the Iranian government. That account tagged Zainab Soleimani, referring to her as the daughter of the “martyr” Qassem Soleimani. That post featured an image of Pompeo with crosshairs on his head and flames coming from below.

A source close to Pompeo acknowledged the threat.

“Mike took action as Secretary of State to save American lives and protect American interests, and Iranians are actively looking to respond to the actions against Soleimani,” the source said.

Pompeo is not the only former U.S. official in Iran’s sights. Trump administration Iran envoy Brian Hook is also facing a “serious and credible” threat from Iran, according to a State Department report to Congress obtained and reported on by the Washington Free Beacon.

The State Department told the outlet that attempts on the lives of current or former American officials would be met with “severe consequences.”

Source » foxnews