The general director of Tehran’s education department announced Wednesday that the city’s fire department has warned of impending danger from 827 dilapidated school buildings in Iran’s capital.

Abdolreza Fooladvand called attention to critical safety conditions at schools, as officials have been sounding the alarm in recent years, especially about educational buildings outside the capital and in remote regions.

Foolandvand told local media that his department is planning to sell many smaller and older school buildings and use the money to repair about 200 schools. Schools currently in operation in Tehran are crowded by students but some older and smaller buildings in prime locations can fetch high prices.

Officials and members of parliament have repeated warnings that many schools in the capital are unsafe. Farideh Oladghobad, a former member of parliament warned in January 2018 that 50 percent of school buildings were dilapidated and presented.

In January 2020, Iran’s minister of education Mohsen Haji Mirzaei visiting Syria pledged help to reconstruct schools in the war-torn country. His statement drew sharp rebukes on social media at the time, by Iranians who urged the government to fix schools in Iran.

Tehran has around two million students in primary and secondary education, who prior to the Covid-19 pandemic went to schools in morning and afternoon shifts because of lack of classrooms.

Source » trackpersia