Iranian Defense Minister Amir Hatami said that his country will be able to export arms despite U.S. efforts to extend the arms embargo.

The Iranian Minister of Defense said during the ceremony of handing three new Iranian-made “Kawthar” warplanes to the Air Force this morning:

“America has forgotten that Iran, despite its continuous sanctions for 40 years, has managed to reach a deterrent force to be reckoned with,” stressing his country will not obtain approval from “America and others regarding the development and expansion of Iran’s defense capability.”

These statements are in response to the efforts of the United States to extend the arms embargo imposed on Iran.

The U.S. State Department said earlier that Washington’s representative to the United Nations, Kelly Kraft, and the U.S. special envoy on Iran, Brian Hook, briefed the U.N. Security Council on a U.S. draft resolution to extend the arms embargo imposed on Iran before it expires next October.

Source » kashmirobserver