On Tuesday June 25, a large crowd of customers of the state-affiliated Caspian and Samen al-Hojaj credit institutions staged protest gatherings in front of the Central Bank in Tehran for not meeting their demands. The customers of these and several other Iranian financial institutions have lost billions of dollars’ worth of investments in the past years and have been continuously protesting to reclaim their lost funds.

The customers called for the formation of a court proceeding about the parliament’s bill 236 and the indictment of Samen al-Hojaj.

These institutions are largely owned by the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) and have refused to respond to the demands of their customers despite months-long protests.

During the past two years, plundered costumers and victims of Caspian and Samen Al-Hojaj have protested in front of these institutions’ offices.

The destructive policies of the Iranian regime is taking its toll on the country’s economy. While Tehran spends the country’s wealth on the wars in Syria and Yemen and on its affiliated terrorist groups, the Iranian people are living in extreme poverty.

On the other hand, widespread corruption in government institutions has concentrated the wealth of the country in the hands of a small group of people who are occupying top positions of power.

Source » ncr-iran