Lebanese “al-Mostaghbal” party chaired by Saad Hariri, prime minister of Lebanon, issued a statement condemning terrorist attack in Mecca and strongly condemned the interventionist and destructive policies of the Iranian regime in the region and the Arab countries.

The statement issued by al-Mostaghbal on June 24, 2017 noted the terrorist attack in Mecca and said:

“Failure of this terrorist plot carried out following the efforts by Houthis to bomb the Mecca using Iranian-made missiles which was an attempt to ignite the fire of Iran regime’s war against Saudi Arabia.

“After using the terrorism tool to serve its devastating projects in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Bahrain and Lebanon, the Iranian regime is now using the same tool in its battle against Saudi Arabia. But Iran’s project in the region and among the Arab countries has suffered from the decisive policies that it has been exposed to, which has reached the border of madness and on the edge of the abyss.”

Al-Mustaghbal points out that the regime plays a major role in the catastrophes of the Arab world, adding that the Iranian regime is occupying Iraq, Yemen and Syria, and is following the occupation of Lebanon and Bahrain, and in those countries the regime enforces the worst kind of assassination and massacre and forced displacement against women and children, large and small.

The statement adds: “What is unfortunate is that some insist on the destruction of Lebanese relations with the Arab brothers and in front of them Saudi Arabia, and this is in order to beautify the role of Iran, which the Lebanese have not seen anything except for the misery, war, destruction, disagreement, and devastation of internal wars. We have complete confidence that the Lebanese and we (al-Mustaghbal) in front of them will not allow Lebanon to be the platform for the Iran regime for targeting the Arab countries, especially Saudi Arabia.

Source » ncr-iran