Human rights activist sees sanctions as positive move toward regime change

The Trump administration’s reimposing of sanctions after leaving the Iran nuclear deal is seen by some experts as a positive move toward long-term progress in Iran.

“I’ve met the Iranian dissidents and the victims of some of the torture,” said Raheel Raza, international human rights activist. “This is an Iranian regime that has perpetuated grave human rights violations on their own citizens.”

Raza believes it’s important to separate the needs of the Iranian people from that of the regime.

“Sanctions imposed by President Trump have empowered the ordinary Iranians, especially the young people on the street, to be able to say that we want freedom and we don’t want to live under these theocracies anymore.”

Earlier this month, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu released a video calling on the people of Iran to ask their government to allow Israel to assist them with its technology to allow more access to potable water.

“That was a great suggestion and a great move,” Raza said. “Especially to a country whose regime has no other intention other than nuke Israel off the face of this earth. This is exactly what shows you the contrast of the thinking of the regime.”

Raza would like to see the Canadians join the U.S. in putting additional pressure on Iran, in hopes of prompting regime change. Canada’s parliament passed a resolution earlier this month voting against reestablishing diplomatic relations and also went further in denouncing the IRGC and asking for the release of all Canadian citizens being held there.

Source » wibwnewsnow

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