Now that Judiciary Chief and noted killer Ebrahim Raisi has been announced as the next president of Iran, US Ambassador Ken Blackwell writes that the international community must recognize the messages that are being sent by the regime and sent the right message back.

So what messages are the regime sending? Well Blackwell cites these as:

Being unapologetic about its impunity culture, which can be seen in the appointment to vital roles of criminals against humanity who will not hesitate to crush the Iranian people’s protests
That Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei felt he had no choice to promote Raisi because with all the domestic and international crises facing Iran, the mullahs needed someone with a history of suppressing the public
That there are no actual “moderates” in the regime because they were so quick to support the supposed hardliner Raisi after they were eliminated, although the Iranians have been saying this for some time
That the elections were boycotted en-masse, even if the regime claims a turnout of 49%, and that the regime is terrified of the lack of credibility this offers them

Blackwell wrote: “Khamenei simply scored a Pyrrhic victory with his protégé’s presidency. In the medium-term, his regime has become weaker, with fewer allies, and more isolated both inside and outside of Iran. Dissension and fissures within the ruling clique will intensify, as will social disenchantment against the mullahs’ corrupt rule. More uprisings will chip away at the regime’s reserves. The regime has thus sent its message.”

The Iranian Resistance will hold its Free Iran World Summit virtually on July 10, with tens of thousands of Iranians and government officials from around the globe coming together once again to urge Raisi and the regime to be held accountable for their crimes against humanity through sanctions and an international trial.

Blackwell wrote: “What will be the international community’s response? Will Western authorities shake Raisi’s blood-drenched hands or will they condemn him as a mass murderer that should face an international tribunal? Will they continue to engage a regime bent on more suppression or will they support the Iranian people’s quest for a free, democratic, and non-nuclear republic in Iran? Will they still long for the moderation of a genocidal regime or will they finally come to their senses and adopt a firm policy against the Iranian regime as it prepares for more massacres? Both the Iranian people and the Iranian regime are watching.”

Source » irannewsupdate