Bahrain has accused Iran of being the main source of narcotics smuggled to the kingdom, saying it has seized 3 tonnes and 70 kilograms of different drugs over the years from 2007 to 2021.

The seized drugs include Captagon, opium, hashish and shabu or methamphetamine, according to the chief of Bahrain’s General Directorate of Criminal Investigation and Forensic Science.

“Fifty-two persons were arrested. They were part of drug smuggling and trafficking networks involved in smuggling drugs via territorial waters in coordination with individuals in Iran,” he said, according to Bahraini media.

Most of the drug hauls were seized at the sea bed, according to the official.

“The number of the cases, their diversity and the increase in the number of the arrests, who are members of smuggling rackets, reflect the security men’s vigilance,” he added.

“Security preparedness and round-the-clock readiness will remain the cornerstone in confronting these criminal acts that seek to smuggle narcotics into the country via the sea,” the official added.

In recent months, Bahrain has announced foiling a series of Iran-supported destabilising plots and repeatedly accused Tehran of meddling in its affairs.

Source » trackpersia