Two Baluch men killed by security forces in central Iran

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Two Baluch men were killed on June 29 in Dashte-Samsur near Dasht-e Lut in central Iran.

According to the Baloch Campaign website, the two men were identified as Salam Shahbakhsh and Hamid-o-llah Shahbakhsh. The report said the two men were passing through Dashte-Samsur on their motorcycles when security forces opened fire on them. According to the report, security forces suspected the two men were smuggling goods, killing both.

Iranian security forces and the IRGC shoot and kill Baluch fuel traders with impunity.

The Iranian regime’s security forces and police have a history of shooting and killing civilians. There are almost daily reports of police and border guards opening fire on Kurd border porters in western Iran and civilians carrying fuel in southeastern Iran.

The terms “fuel carrier” and “border porter” are an unfortunate consequence of 42 years of corruption and mismanagement under the Iranian regime which has resulted in a significant lack of job opportunities, especially for Iranians in western and eastern Iran.

An annual report by a human rights group said that at least 204 Iranian citizens were directly or indirectly killed or wounded by Iran’s state security forces in 2020. According to the report, at least 74 citizens were killed, including 36 kolbars, 5 fuel carriers, and 33 other citizens. The 2020 arbitrary shootings injured at least 130 people.

Source » irannewswire

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