Iranian ships head to Lebanon – Full with Iranian oil ready for sale

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The Al-Benaa newspaper reported that “Iranian ships are preparing to head to Lebanon with foodstuffs, fuel and other essentials, within the framework of Iranian support to break the siege imposed by the Americans.”

They pointed out that there are “contacts to transfer this aid at the official level” and that it will reach Lebanon within two weeks.

Al-Benaa spoke about the expected Iranian aid, while quoting its sources, that “negotiations with the IMF have reached a dead end, especially after the resignation of the Director General of Finance, Alan Bivani, and the sharp differences between the government on the one hand and the Bank of Lebanon and the banking sector on the other, excluded. The fund decides to assist Lebanon in light of this disagreement and division over numbers and official confusion and the failure to complete the necessary reforms so far. ”

The Lebanese newspaper confirmed on Thursday, that “there are official Iranian preparations to assist Lebanon at the highest levels by breaking the siege imposed on it by many Western and Arab countries.”

Lebanon is currently suffering from economic hardship, due to corruption and neighboring Syria’s ongoing war.

The various Lebanese regions are also suffering from rationing of electricity, due to the lack of diesel and fuel, while the Electricity Company of Lebanon warned against stopping its production.

The Lebanese pound lost more than 80% of its value, while the exchange rate of the dollar on the black market touched the threshold of 9,000 Lebanese pounds after its price remained stable at 1,500 pounds for decades.

Source » almasdarnews

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