Iran regime does not support Palestine, it is supporting terrorist organizations

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas declared on Saturday that the Iranian Regime has never given a “dime” to the Palestinian people.

The leader of the Fatah movement made these remarks in the wake of anti-regime protests in Tehran, in which protesters chanted against the Regime’s robbing of the public purse to support the dictatorship in Syria and the government in Palestine, among others, as opposed to helping the Iranian people.

Fatah denied that Palestine has ever received money from the Iranian Regime, even though they supported the revolution against the Shah that ended up with the mullahs seizing power.

In a statement, Fatah’s official spokesman Usama al-Qawasimi said: “Iran has never presented anything to the Palestinians even though Fatah and the Palestinian Liberation Organization supported the 1979 Khomeini revolution… We have never heard of Iran contributing to the construction of a school, university or hospital. We have never seen any development project.”

He then explained that the Iranian Regime’s support for the terrorist group Hamas does not translate into any actual support for the Palestinian people.

Qawasimi went on to express Fatah and the Palestinian people’s “respect and appreciation” for the Iranian people “who support the rights of Palestinians”.

Fatah and the Palestinian Authority (PA) have long rejected Iranian support for any Palestinian faction, noting that the mullahs aim would be stoking division.

The Regime’s support for Hamas has caused major tensions between the PA and Iran in the past. In March 2009, Abbas called on Iran to cease its interference in Palestinian affairs and focus on issues affecting the Iranian people.

Iran Uprising

As part of the nationwide uprising that began in December 2017, the Iranian people have been taking to the streets to protest against the mullahs and call for the fall of the Regime.

Last week, the shopkeepers in Tehran closed their stalls and took to the streets to protest their country’s poor economic situation, which was caused by decades of mismanagement and corruption by the Regime.

The protests, which were filmed and put on social media, showed demonstrators chanting “leave Syria and think of us”, “We do not want the Ayatollah”, and “death to the dictator”.

They also criticised the mullahs for proving support for the Palestinian Hamas and Jihad movements, Lebanon’s “Hezbollah”, Yemen’s Houthi militias, Iraqi Shiite groups and the Syrian regime.

The people of Iran are clear. The Regime must fall and be replaced by a democratic government led by the Iran Resistance.

Source » ncr-iran

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