A US envy and one of the most high-profile member of president Donald Trump’s administration blasted the Supreme Leader of Iran on Sunday for his regime’s elimination of homosexuals.

In response to the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei writing on July that “I definitely wear a mask in meetings…,” Richard Grenell fired back: “Do you wear a mask when you push gays off buildings?”

Grenell, who is known for his sharp wit and biting commentary, tweeted his reply to his nearly 440,000 followers.
In a follow up a tweet, Grenell, who was the former US acting Director of National Intelligence, wrote “Twitter employs people to investigate complaints about Americans’ tweets. But twitter allows Iran’s Supreme Leader to spew hate everyday.”

Khamenei has denied the Holocaust on Twitter and repeatedly called for the extermination of Israel’s Jewish population, including nearly 7 million people.

Grenell, who also served as US ambassador to Germany, was the first American official to launch a campaign to decriminalize homosexuality across the globe.

His efforts have paid off, for example, in Africa, in Gabon’s senate decision from last week to decriminalize homosexuality. Grenell is believed to be the first openly gay member of a presidential cabinet.

Iran’s regime has executed between 4,000-6,000 homosexuals since the country’s Islamic revolution in 1979, according to a 2008 British WikiLeaks cable.

The Jerusalem Post first reported in January 2019, that Iran’s regime publicly executed a man based on anti-gay charge.

Source » jpost