Iran reveals plan to strengthen air force

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IRGC – Aerospace Force

IRGC – Aerospace Force

On Monday, the Iranian Army announced the supply of warplanes in proportion to the threats they face from their enemies, stressing that “commitment and specialization are the two wings of the Air Force of the Islamic Republic.”

Quoting the Assistant Army Commander, Brigadier General Mohammad Hussein Daders, Al-Alam reported that the latter said during the launch of the Ilyushin simulator ceremony that “the cadres of the air force of the army is making efforts to develop the defense capabilities of the country,” asserting that “our pilots today enjoy professional and religious commitment.”

Daders considered that “the Ilyushin simulator industry is a very big achievement that adds to the achievements of the Air Force, such as the jet engine industry, which set a precedent in the Islamic world,” noting that the production of aircraft of internal manufacture is one hundred percent, considering that this achievement will contribute to reducing the pressure of the embargo.

He continued that “the air force fleet will receive in the coming days new drones, which will enhance the defense and deterrent capabilities of this force,” stressing that “these aircraft are entirely internally produced.”

This comes in the wake of the statements of the commander of the naval force in the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, Ali Reza Tungsiri, in which he declared that “Iran has established underground missile bases on the coasts of the he Gulf of Oman, including surface-to-sea missiles,” stressing that “the Revolutionary Guards have armed all coastal areas located in the waters of the Gulf and the Sea of Oman in the south of the country.”

He added that “the Iranian Revolutionary Guard has floating missile launch cities, with a variety of defensive purposes and we will display them at the appropriate time,” stressing that the United States is aware that Iran has underground missile bases belonging to the army and the Revolutionary Guards, but it lacks accurate information about it.

Source » almasdarnews

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