One of the signatories of a statement demanding the resignation of Iran’s Supreme Leader published a month ago says he was attacked by three unidentified assailants.

Reza Mehregan, one of the 14 civic-political activists who in June demanded the resignation of Ayatollah Khamenei and the overhaul of Iran’s constitution, has told Radio Farda in an interview that he was assaulted by a taser and beaten by three plainclothes individuals on July 5.

Mr. Mehregan was on his way home in Tehran in the evening when a car stopped next to him and three bearded men began assaulting him without any reason and telling him that he should stop what he is doing and that next time they will not be “nice to him”. He was punched repeatedly in his chest and abdomen. Mehregan says he suffers from heart disease.

Two other signatories of the statement have also been harassed. Javad La’al Mohammadi a member of the teachers’ union in Mashhad has received numerous threatening phone calls and messages. Another activist was visited by a man wielding a knife and when his wife called the police they refused to come to investigate.

In the past two years, several well-known dissidents in Iran have called for Khamenei’s resignation and changing the constitution.

Source » radiofarda