Iran allegedly deploys its S-300 air defense system to several areas

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Iran has allegedly begun to deploy its Russian-made S-300 air defense system in the Islamic Republic.

According to the Russian publication Avia.Pro, Iran ran has begun deploying this air defense system amid reports of increased security measures by the Persian Gulf nation.

“The reason for this was a likely air strike on the Iranian nuclear military center, however, sources report that the captured anti-aircraft guided missiles transported by tractors could have be transported several days ago from Russia across the Caspian Sea,” Avia.Pro said.

The publication published a video in which the S-300 can be seen being transported to an unknown location.

“In the presented video you can see several tractors transporting anti-aircraft guided missiles. It is not known exactly where these video frames were made, however, according to a source, the missiles could have been redirected from Russia, moreover, since air defense systems are not classified as offensive weapons, they do not fall under UN sanctions, and therefore Russia could not report on a deal with Tehran,’ they said.

However, Avia.Pro adds that the missiles in the video may not necessarily be from Russia, as Iran has managed to produce its own version of the S-300.

“It should be noted that not all analysts are inclined to believe that the anti-aircraft guided missiles presented on the video were delivered from Russia, since today Iran is one of the operators of these complexes, and, therefore, it has enough anti-aircraft guided missiles.”

Iran has not commented on these allegations and they have yet to comment on the claims that an external entity was behind the explosion at the Natanz nuclear facility.

Source » almasdarnews

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