An Iranian rights activist, detained during a Labor Day demonstration in Tehran, was beaten twice in one day in the notorious Fashafuyeh Prison near Tehran. According to a tweet posted by the husband of Neda Naji, she was beaten once by a prisoner and once by prison guards in the span of 24 hours.

“Neda Naji was beaten twice in the past 24 hours in the Qarchak Prison in Varamin, once by a non-political prisoner and once by prison personnel,” her husband, Jamal Ameli wrote in his tweet.

“She was taken to the prison medical clinic afterwards and due to the strike to her head by prison agents, she had blurry vision for a few hours,” he tweeted adding that his wife’s life was in danger.

On May 1, Neda Naji and 10 other demonstrators who were among those gathered outside the regime’s Majlis (Parliament) were violently arrested by security forces. She was transferred from Evin Prison’s Section 209, run by the Ministry of Intelligence, to Fashafuyeh Prison in the outskirts of Tehran on June 15.

In a video published on social media, Neda’s distressed mother said that her daughter was charged with “acting against national security” adding that officials had not given her any information about her daughter’s case in the first 22 days of her arrest.

“I just want everyone to know about my daughter’s condition in prison,” she said in the video.

Families of political prisoners are increasingly concerned about the safety of their loved ones in Fashafuyeh Prison after the recent death of a political prisoner. Detained internet activist Alireza Shir Mohammad Ali was stabbed to death by two prisoners on June 10 at the prison.

The 21 year old political prisoner was sentenced to eight years of prison on charges of “blasphemy”, “insulting the founder of the Islamic Republic”, “insulting the leader” and “spreading propaganda” against the regime.

Iranian officials have stipulated that Iran did not have any political prisoners and insist on calling detained activists, “security prisoners”.

Source » irannewswire