Tehran’s Chief of Police vowed today to “robustly continue to deal with social abnormalities such as the non-observance of the hijab and dog walking”.

In comments carried by the Revolutionary Guards affiliated Tasnim News Agency, Hossein Rahimi also said that the country’s NAJA (Law Enforcement Force of the Islamic Republic of Iran) would also increase the automobiles used for the so-called “morality patrols” in the capital.

He also implied at recent police brutality videos published by Iranians on social media calling it “the enemy’s psychological warfare” and said that the police “would never surrender or be intimidated by the dissidents’ poisonous propaganda.”

Tehran’s Chief of Police also vowed not to allow anyone to “stain the society’s modesty” which is another way of saying that security forces would continue its crack down on civil liberties.

Rahimi said that the observance of “modesty” was one of the police’s “red lines” adding that they would deal with “norm breakers”.

Before this, Iran’s Attorney General also cited videos of police brutality published on the internet and defended the police for cracking down on “social abnormilites”.

“The Judiciary supports a powerful police force”, Mohammad Jafar Montazeri told journalists on Wednesday adding that “the Judiciary does not pay any attention to these kinds of propaganda and hype.”

“We expect police to deal with abnormalities of any kind,” Montazeri said adding that the Judiciary had a duty to give permits to the police wherever necessary.

Source » irannewswire