Iran influences Syria’s security negatively

The commander of special operations for the US-led coalition, James Jarrard, told Al Arabiya English that international forces will remain in Syria until a political process has been recognized in the country to establish peace and security.

Iran’s ongoing activities in the country are not helpingin normalizing the situation in the war-torn country, he said.

Jarrard warned about the role played by Iran , saying that it is not helping create stability and are supporting activities that create violence.

Jarrard also hinted at parties seeking to disrupt the alliance’s relationship with Syria’s Democratic Forces (SDF).

Speaking to Al Arabiya reporter Huda al-Saleh, he said: “The SDF are very close to liberating all of the terrain in north-east Syria. The world owes them gratitude for that accomplishment.”

With 77 organizations, “this is the greatest coalition that has been formed in the history of the world to defeat the evils of ISIS, but we have a small number of those countries helping here in northern Syria, and so any assistance from these countries will be helpful,” he said.

Jarrard added that the US-led coalition will provide internal security force training so that the ISIS will never return to this part of the country.

“There is no confrontation with the Russians but there is deconfliction to make sure the forces are working separately but together for the goal of defeating ISIS,”he said.

With regards to the disputes between the United States and NATO allies, Jarrard said there is no reason for disagreements as the countries work towards the same goals.

He added that he believes that the way forward between Turkey and the US in north-east Syria is in political discussion.

Source » alarabiya

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