Iranian commander threating Israel to be “Ended” by Islamic army

The senior Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps commander’s remarks came in a terrifying speech at the weekend.

Hossein Salami boasted of the creation of an “Islamic army” near the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights.

He warned that this would then be used to “end” Israel.

Salami, quoted by the Times of Israel, said: “Today, an international Islamic army has been formed in Syria, and the voices of the Muslims are heard near the Golan.

“Orders are awaited, so that the eradication of the evil [Israeli] regime will land and the life of this regime will be ended for good.

“The life of the Zionist regime was never in [so much] danger as it is now.”

Salami said Israel “constitutes a threat… to the entire Islamic world”.

He continued: “That is the philosophy of the establishment of this regime.”

The officer also warned that Lebanon’s Hezbollah militia, which is participating in the war in Syria against Islamist militants, has some 100,000 missiles aimed at Israel.

“We are creating might in Lebanon because we want to fight our enemy from there with all our strength,” Salami said.

“Hezbollah today has tremendous might on the ground that can on its own break the Zionist regime. The Zionist regime has no strategic-depth.”

Israel has boosted its operations in Syria this spring, killing at least four Iranian military advisers at the T4 airbase in a strike in April.

On May 10, the Israeli Air Force hit dozens of suspected Iranian targets in Syria following a rocket attack on Israeli-occupied Golan Heights.

Damascus slammed the move, saying it was a violation of international law.

Iran called the attack “Israeli aggression” and vowed to respond.

Source » dailystar

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