Unemployment is the main cause and motive for committing crimes in Iran

According to the released news in the state-run websites on July 4, 2017, the unemployment and its problems, including indigence, are the main causes and motives for committing crimes in Iran. The increase of unemployment rate among graduates has raised the possibility of committing crimes in order to get rid of the pressures stemming from the economic issues.

A large number of young people who have graduated from higher education universities and hold associate, bachelor, master, and doctorate degrees have no career in Ilam Province (West of Iran).

In order to earn livelihood for their family, a large number of graduates in this city has been working with relatively difficult conditions in restaurants and hotels of metropolitans such as Tehran since the government authorities are not efficient enough to tackle the issue.

A bachelor graduate says, “I have been taking recruitment exams more than 20 times for years and I have incurred enormous expenses. Although I have passed the exams and interviews, the organizations canceled on me with no cogent reasons. Unfortunately, the number of people admitted to government positions is extremely low in Ilam Province. We stand a slight chance of admission.”

Some of these educated and unemployed youths have resorted to part-time jobs in agriculture and livestock and others are self-employed. Moreover, some of the graduates prefer to move into outskirts to earn money in order not to place a burden on their family.

Unemployment Is the Achilles’ heel of the Country

The Iranian Minister of Interior, Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli visited Sanandaj City on Thursday, June 31, 2017, and delivered a speech. He stated, “If the balanced development of the region is not considered, the country would face class divisions, poverty, and improsperity.

The Minister of Interior also called the unemployment as Achilles’ heel in the country, stating that, “I am quite sure that the repetitive models and general overviews will not solve the problems.”

Source » ncr-iran

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