U.S. state department accuses Iran of using embassies for terror plots

The arrest of an Iranian diplomat for alleged ties to terrorist activities in Europe is a recent example of Tehran using diplomatic cover to carry out such activities, a senior US Department of State official claimed in conference call.

“So when you look at what Iran has done just in Europe since 1984 and continuing up to the present, all nations need to exercise vigilance to protect themselves against the Iranian threat,” the State Department official said on Tuesday. “And this is only the most recent example of Iran using diplomatic cover to plot terrorism.”

Earlier on Tuesday, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Iranians in Europe were arrested for preparing to conduct a terror plot in Paris, France. An Iranian diplomat in Vienna was allegedly involved in a terror plot to bomb an Iranian opposition group rally in France on June 30.

Media reports on Friday revealed that the Netherlands expelled two Iranian diplomats amid suspicions that Iran is operating out of embassies to plot terrorism and assignations in Europe.

The State Department official added that the United States urges countries to make proper decisions about their own security and to stay vigilant including on Iran, which presents an enduring threat to nations.

The most recent plot in Europe by Iranians is another chapter in a long history that dates back to 1984, when Iran was starting these hijackings on commercial airliners, bombings, assassinations, the State Department official said.

Source » sputniknews

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