Iran’s Navy Chief: Vessels in the Atlantic are a message to the US

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The commander of Iranian army’s navy, Hossein Khanzadi, has said that the presence of its vessels in the Atlantic Ocean “is a response to US claims that Iran would never be able to have a presence in the Atlantic.”

Reports emerged in May that Iran was dispatching two naval vessels to the Western hemisphere and an Iranian official confirmed the destination as Venezuela on June 1. The vessels might be carrying missiles and possibly speed boats to Venezuela according to an arms agreement made last year.

The Biden administration told Venezuela and Cuba not to allow the ships, to dock at their ports, Politico reported on June 9.

It is not clear exactly where the vessels are, but they have sailed into the Atlantic Ocean.

Khanzadi who was speaking on television July 10 said the presence of Iran’s navy ships in the waters of the Atlantic are worrying the United States. He seemed to be referring to the symbolic value of the move rather than a military threat.

Iran barely has an ocean-going navy as it has not been able to acquire significant warships from naval powers and has attempted to build or convert commercial vessels as warships.

Source » iran international

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