Factional Feuding and Rift, Continues at the Top of the Iran Regime

In an interview with state-run Tasnim news agency, affiliated to the terrorist Quds force, on July 11, 2017, the executioner mullah, Ebrahim Raisi, the defeated candidate of the Iranian regime’s presidential election, admitted the factional feuding and divide at the helm of the regime during and after the recent sham elections and while attacking the regime’s president Hassan Rouhani, said: “I could not predict this amount of destruction and scaring people.”

Raisi who was trying to circumvent and curb people’s hatred of the entire regime including him added: “… A group that feels for any reason that it has not been able to prove its effectiveness in the administrative realm over the course of several years, not being able to prove the effectiveness of its idea and practice, relies on media and psychological operations, because scaring people away from rivals, unlike the previous example, does not need the opportunity, and will be achieved within a few days. You could see this clearly in the recent election.”

He then admitted the depth of division at the helm of the regime during the elections and referring to Hassan Rouhani added: “This situation was predictable, but I, myself, in fact could not predict this volume of destruction and scaring people. Why? Because I told myself that firstly, the competition side is a person who wears and respects the clergy cloths and at least holds the limit on it; he does not do anything, but eventually goes somewhere, and secondly, he has been a regime official and responsible since the beginning of the revolution; therefore, he at least preserves the privacy of the system and holds the morality of the election; thirdly, he is now the president and will preserve the president’s affairs and dignity; well, in the election, and especially in the last ten days, our three calculations fell apart.”

Raisi once again noted people’s hatred of himself and said: “My point is that the rival, with a series of unprecedented demolition campaigns, created such a fearsome atmosphere that our voice did not reach part of the community. In your opinion, is there a cheaper and funnier claim than to say that when it comes to the streets, they build a wall in the sidewalks (to separate pedestrian men from women)? But with propaganda and destruction, which, unfortunately, frightened a part of the community and people were saying that if they really get the votes, God forbidden they would deny the freedom of the people! Or, for example, they said if they receive the votes, there will be war and insecurity, or (the regime) will be re-sanctioned. Well, people are seeing the news recently.”

Source » ncr-iran

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