Iran’s government promised the earth to the people about the vaccine

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Barkat Pharmaceutical Group

Barkat Pharmaceutical Group

As the world moves to end the coronavirus pandemic, there is not enough foreign vaccine to be bought in Iran, and no vaccination with Iranian vaccines, what is left is a flood of empty promises by the regime’s officials.

Coronavirus vaccines are unveiled one after another in Iran, but there are no teeth breaking news about vaccination and the import of coronavirus vaccine is not enough. However, very few people in the country have been vaccinated, and the death toll from the coronavirus remains in the triple digits.

Many countries around the world have been vaccinated, and their populations over the age of 20 are being vaccinated, and their cities have become normal; In Iran, however, according to officials, the fifth coronavirus wave has entered the country and more than 25 provinces have been involved in the delta coronavirus and the cities have turned red for the second time; however, there is still no news about vaccinations in Iran, and what is there are disputes and the irony of the officials.

In Iran, the import of vaccines continues very slowly and at the same time, several centers and institutions started to make Iranian vaccines and so far, 5 Iranian vaccines have been produced, But the empty promises of vaccination continue. Covbarkat, Covpars, Sobrana, Fakhravak, and Sinagen vaccines are among the vaccines that are ethically approved and are said to be in production.

On the other hand, more than 100 people still die every day due to the coronavirus, and the test of several thousand people is positive, and the officials being not only unresponsive to the current situation but also criticize the critics of the way of vaccination. And now many people rushed to the borders of Armenia to get vaccinated.

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