Fox News senior strategic analyst Gen. Jack Keane (Ret.) claimed that Iran would receive “hundreds of billions of dollars” in a deal because of blackmailing the United States Thursday on “Special Report.”

GEN. KEANE: I think we do know if there is a deal, Iran is likely going to get hundreds of billions of dollars as a result of blackmailing the United States into delaying their having a nuclear weapon so they can get flush with this money. … We’ve had this experience before. In 2015 when they got hundreds of billions of dollars as a result of that nuclear deal, what did they do with it? They toppled the regime in Yemen with their Houthi proxies. They rained hundreds of missiles down on Saudi Arabia. They put tens of thousands of missiles into Hezbollah, Hamas, and they rained down on Israel. And they tried to put bases in Syria, so much so that the Israelis conducted over 200 airstrikes into Syria against Iran’s proxies who were trying to establish missile bases. This is the behavior of what Iran does when you give them a deal and give them hundreds of billions of dollars. How outrageous is that?

Source » foxnews