Protesters in Iran chant against regime as flames ignite again

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A large number of protesters in the southwestern city of Behbahan chanted against the regime last night in Iran.

The protests were called on from before against death sentences issued for protesters, the grave state of the economy, and the China-Iran deal which Iranians call “traitorous”.

Most of the protesters gathered outside a branch of the Meli Bank which was the scene of protests during major protests in November 2019.

“We don’t want a clerical rule,” protesters chanted. Some of their other chants included, “Mullahs get lost”, “Iranians would rather die than be humiliated”, and “No to Gaza and Lebanon. My life is only for Iran,” in reference to the regime’s support for terrorism in the region.

The protesters also chanted against Basij forces, the paramilitary branch of the IRGC, tasked with cracking down on protests and dissent.

There were also smaller gatherings in other neighborhoods in Behbahan. Amateur videos showed security forces using tear gas against protesters. The sounds of shots being fired could also be heard in the videos.

It is still not clear how much force was used to quell the protests in Behbahan but local reports indicate that security forces raided the homes of protesters in the middle of the night to arrest them.

Farzaneh Ansarifar, sister to Farzad Ansarifar, shot in the head by security forces during November 2019 protests, was also detained last night. She was outspoken in shedding light on the regime’s use of lethal force during 2019 protests and the death of her 27-year-old brother.

The regime also blocked the internet in Khuzestan Province. According to NetBlocks, a website that monitors international Internet outages, there were “partial to total disruptions” in the southwestern province from 10pm local time.

According to state-run media, the Behbahan Police issued a statement today warning locals from protesting.

“Vigilantly refrain from any gathering that could be a pretext for the counter-revolutionary movement,” the statement said adding that the police would “deal decisively” with demonstrations.

Videos also showed a very heavy police presence in other cities namely Tehran, its sister city of Karaj, Isfahan in central Iran and the northeastern city of Mashhad.

Iranians have called for more protests in the coming days. Last night’s protests were the first of its kind after the last round of major protests in November 2019 when Iranians took to the streets across Iran to protest the tripling of gasoline prices.

The regime responded with lethal force and shot and killed at least 1,500 protesters and civilians.

Source » irannewswire

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