Saudi concludes probe of citizens accused of spying for Iran

The Saudi public prosecution concluded investigating citizens accused of spying for Iran and will transfer them to the relevant judicial authorities, the Saudi daily Okaz reported on Monday.

Saudi security forces had detained a number of citizens after learning that they communicated with Iranian intelligence apparatuses to carry out acts of espionage. The prosecution investigated the accused several times and recently finished and is now working on transferring the case to the relevant judicial authorities.

This is the second case of its kind in the Saudi Arabia as in 2013 cooperation between the interior ministry and the intelligence led to the arrest of 32 people, 30 Saudis, an Iranian and an Afghani, who had formed a cell to spy for Iran. After looking into their case, 30 were convicted while two others, a Saudi and the Afghani, were exonerated.

The preliminary ruling stipulated executing 15 of those found guilty while the 15 others, 14 Saudis and the Iranian, received prison sentences which ranged between 6 months and 25 years.

Source » alarabiya

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