Europe must end lunatic appeasement of Iran

Former Portuguese MEP Paulo Casaca told the Free Iran gathering in Paris in late June that Europe should come together with the US to tackle the Iranian Regime and support the people’s call for regime change.

He began by praising US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for his 12 conditions for a new nuclear deal with Iran, following the US withdrawal from the 2015 accord in May. He said that these 12 conditions are the minimum of normal relations in the Council of Nations and advised that they could well be adopted by Europe as well.

He then explained that it was “ridiculous” that Europe would trade with Iran, who are currently threatening to abandon the nuclear deal if Europe cannot make up for the financial loss of the US market, and cited “deep corruption in the European political establishment” as the reason why this Europe-Iran relationship is continuing.

After all, Iran may have the potential for economic growth, but the figures do not currently justify European investment in Iran, especially when the money does not go to help the people and is instead diverted to the war chest or the mullahs’ pockets.

Casaca said: “[The] IRGC and the religious foundations are controlling most of the economy, and of course, this makes a deal more effective than with a market economy, but there must be some reasons that are under the table and that we should demand to go over the table for us to understand what is going on… This actually makes part of the so-called neoliberalism, and well, actually President [Donald] Trump is questioning this state of affairs. And I think he’s right.”

He advised that Europe should change their approach to the Iranian Regime by ending the policy of appeasement, which he called “pure lunacy”.

He said: “It goes beyond any sort of capacity to make a rational discussion. It’s so lunatic and that these people [are] the leaders in Europe should shame all of us and we have to do something about it. I mean it is, it’s not a matter of left or right or whatever. It’s, they are lunatics and they are dangerous for our future and we have to find a way to confront them. The sooner, the better for the sake of ourselves, and of course, for the sake of the Iranian people … we cannot deviate a single meter from this cause.”

Source » ncr-iran

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