Iran Regime’s Iraqi Mercenaries Committing Crimes in Mosul

The nightmare of human rights violations in Mosul is escalating once again. The residents are remembering how Hashid al-Sha’bi treated the civilians of liberated cities.

“These abuses have reached a point that live civilians are thrown off heights, and then they are fired upon. Aggressive measures reminding all of ISIS’ killings in Tikrit’s Spyker base,” Sky News TV Arabic broadcasted on July 16th regarding Iran’s militias.

After ISIS was ousted from Falluja, Ramadi and Tikrit, the aggressive measures began the civilians. There are video clips showing Hashid al-Sha’bi criminals arresting, torturing and murdering people based on sectarian views. People’s belongings are stolen on a wide scale.

These aggressive measures have raised concerns that ISIS’ terrorism will be replaced with terrorism by sectarian militias. Such measures allowed the birth of ISIS in the first place.

Criminals must be prosecuted in court to make it clear who was behind these crimes, says Ayad al-Anar, a writer and political scholar.

Source » ncr-iran

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