Iranian people should not be ignored

Madame Rajavi, friends, it’s a great honor and a great privilege to once again join and to stand in solidarity with all of you and with the people of Iran. We come together to support the people of Iran in their great struggle. For years, far too many Western governments have tried to find a moderate faction within the regime in Tehran. This conciliatory approach has failed, and it has been nothing short of appeasement. We must not ignore the people of Iran, and we must not ignore their desire for change. Over the past six months, the people of Iran have shown great courage in protesting on the streets in more than 140 cities. They are desperately fighting for regime change. And friends, it is time to stand with the people of Iran and to give them our full support. Today, we join Madame Rajavi, a woman of great courage and of great determination. And we gather in Paris to stand with the people of Iran, to support them in their quest for freedom, for equality, and for democracy. Today, we join with the people of Iran to deliver a simple message to the mullahs: It’s time to end the repression and corruption, it’s time for change, it’s time for the mullahs to go.

Source » washingtontimes

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