Video report – Protesters demand water for fourth night in SW Iran

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Iranian Arabs gathered in several cities in Iran’s Khuzestan province for the fourth night on July 19. Protesters in at least 17 cities have taken to the streets in the past 4 days.

Large numbers of anti-riot police were dispatched to the restive cities in southwestern Iran to quell the protests.

Riot police used extreme force, sometimes lethal, to crack down on protesters who only demanded water. Gunshots were heard in several videos.

Protesters chanted “People want the regime’s downfall” and “We won’t bow down” in Arabic, also chanting for water.

Locals also blocked the main roads by creating roadblocks with burning tires.

Four protesters were killed in the past 4 nights, while many were injured and detained. It’s not yet clear how many protesters were detained and injured.

There are also reports of internet disruption in the restive cities.

Iranians blame the regimes’ mismanagement for the severe water shortages in Khuzestan Province.

Source » irannewswire

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